Cases of HIV in Bali

150 - 200 New Cases of HIV in Bali Every Month

The Bali Provincial AIDS Commission (KPA) found 150 to 200 HIV cases every month in 2019. The cumulative number of HIV cases is 22,034 cases registered since 1987.

"The average increase in the finding of HIV cases in Bali is calculated to be between 150 and 200 per month," said Bali Province KPA Secretariat Head Made Suprapta.

"We are fifth in the number of cases, after the Provinces of DKI Jakarta, West Java and East Java," he said.

In fact, in terms of rate (population), said Suprapta, Bali is ranked second nationally after Papua.

According to data from the Bali Provincial Health Service, HIV transmission mainly occur in heterosexual contacts (76.3%), homosexual (14.7%), and bisexual (0.5%) and interchangeable use of syringes (3.9%).

KPA recommends people with HIV / AIDS to routinely undergo anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment. "Because when someone enters an HIV stage but is not treated it will increase to an AID stage, which can lead to death," Made said.


The source: Jawa Pos and Antara


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