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A 150-Meters Long Carving will Become a New Tourist Attraction

A carving around 150 meters long created on the banks of the Tukad Pakerisan River is going to become a new tourist attraction in Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring District. Carving illustrates the diversity of nature and the story of mythological figure Maya Denawa and is specifically designed to create a new tourist object in the local village.

The carving, which is still in progress, is planned to be around 500 meters long in total. The creator of the carving, I Wayan Wigunata explained his aim as an effort to arouse tourism potential in villages where various things can be done.

"I made this carving in Manuakya Anyar's area so that the tourism will rise up here. I see that there is a potential here, "he explained.

Originally the idea of such a carving appeared 6 years ago, but only 8 months ago the works started. 6 local workers from the local village were invited to take part in the project.

The height of the cliff with carvings is around 10 meters. In addition to the carved wall, I Wayan Wigunata claimed to make a cave that will reach 150 meters in length.


The source: Bali Post

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