Theft suspects

4 Suspects Arrested by Bali Police

Jembrana Police Criminal Investigation arrested four suspects of theft cases during the  operation Brush 2020 (Sikat 2020).

Head of the Jembrana Police Ops, Commissioner Wayan Sinaryasa with permission from the Jembrana Police Chief, on Thursday (27/2) said the four perpetrators of the theft were arrested at different times and places during the Sikat Agung operation. 

The four suspects arrested included NM (19) from Ketapang, Jawa, IPS (26) Balinese from Gerokgak, Buleleng, IPAW (29) Balinese from Banjar Tengah, Yeh Kuning and IKRS (26) Balinese from Pangkung Languan, Yeh Sumbul, Medewi.

NM was secured by police on 10 February at midnight with evidence of a Xiaomi brand mobile phone. Whereas the other suspects were secured on February 15 at Jalan Wijaya Kusuma, Baler Bale Agung.

From the suspect from Buleleng, IPS (26) police secured a Lenovo laptop. A day later on February 16, the police also secured the IKRS suspect at his boarding house in Delodberawah Village.

IKRS is suspected in stealing two Xiaomi brand mobile phones belonging to foreigners from Germany. The perpetrators performed the crime at a tourist cottage owned by Agus Mulyadi in Yehsumbul, Mendoyo.

Meanwhile, IPAW was arrested by Jembrana Regional Police on Friday (2/21) afternoon at his house along gold necklace and pendulum as evidence. 

The four theft suspects were detained at Jembrana Regional Police Station.

They were charged under article 363 about theft. They face a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment.


The source: Bali Post

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