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443 reactive Covid-19 test results for in one village

The COVID-19 task force conducted mass testing of residents of a village in Bali. Of the 1210 samples examined by rapid testing (rapid-test), a reactive result was detected in 443 residents. The results of 767 rapid tests yielded a non-reactive, i.e. negative result.

The study was conducted in the village of Abuan (Bangli district), which is located just north of the famous Tibumana waterfalls.

443 reactive test results should be tested and confirmed by PCR tests by swab. After receiving the results of PCR testing, you can find out the exact number of infected.

Checks of residents with the help of rapid tests will continue in the village tomorrow May 1. Initially, the COVID-19 task force planned to test 2,300 people in the area.

The local administration decided to isolate one of the three banjars of the village, which suffered the most. Starting Thursday, Serokadan will close the entrance and exit from the territory. The regent of the Bangli district, I Made Gianyar, even proposed to open a public kitchen that would serve the needs of the banjar residents.

A mass test was planned by the Bali COVID-19 task force after 8 infected residents were found in the village of Abuan on April 28.

According to the Bangli District COVID-19 Task Force, all these residents are members of migrant worker families who have recently returned from abroad. These family members were quarantined at the Bangli District Hospital and their first PCR tests tested positive for coronavirus.


The source: Radar Bali, Bali Post, Bali Post

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