Dengue in Bali

4.945 Cases of Dengue during the 11 months

During the 11 months of 2019, the number of dengue cases in Bali reached 4,945 cases. Five people died.

Dengue cases in Bali have increased compared to the previous year. There were 897  cases recorded in 2018 year with two people died.

Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Division of the Bali Provincial Health Office, I Wayan Widia said the increase in dengue cases did not only occur in Bali but nationally. The cause of this increase is the occurrence of a season that supports the development of dengue-transmitting mosquitoes, namely Aedes aigypti. 

"This year the dry season and transition period is longer than in 2018. This season is very supportive for the development of dengue-transmitted mosquitoes,"  said Widia.

If the rainy season is long enough, usually the mosquito larvae that develop will be swept by water. It will be different if the rainy season lasts a short period then interspersed with prolonged heat.

In this condition, if eradication of mosquito nests are not carried out  the nests regularly will appear in pools of clean water. As in sewers clogged with rubbish, in plastic bottles thrown in rubbish bins or in young coconut shells and other potential water-holding places. "This condition causes mosquitoes to breed well and quickly, "explained Widia.

According to Widia, it seems that the community is loosening their vigilance so that they no longer routinely carry out the preventive measures against mosquitoes. 

"Because in 2018 the number of cases has declined, vigilance in 2019 has become relaxed and no longer routinely conducts PSN (Eradication of Mosquito Nest). Whereas the key to eradicating dengue fever is that the main thing is PSN and not fogging, "Widia said.

Widia emphasized to the community for 2020, increasing awareness needs to be done. Especially with routine Eradication of Mosquito Nests.


The source: Bali Post


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