Tourists in Bali

89 Foreigners denied entry to Bali

The Head of the Bali Province Ministry of Law and Human Rights Office, Sutrisno explained that as many as 89 foreigners were denied entry into Bali until Thursday (02/13/2020) around 05.00 WITA. 

"There were 89 foreigners who were refused to come to Bali," said Sutrisno.

Rejection of foreigners entering Bali act following Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 3 of 2020 Regarding Temporary Suspension of Visit Visa, Visa, and Granting Forced Status Permits for Citizens of the People's Republic of China.

89 tourists consist of 12 Russian citizens, four Brazilian citizens, three Armenians, three New Zealand citizens, eight Ukrainian citizens, three British citizens, two Moroccan citizens, seven Kazakh citizens, 12 US citizens, two Australian citizens, six Canada citizens, two Spanish citizens, and four Kyrgyzstan residents.

There are also individual citizens from Romania, China, Tajikistan, Ghana, Moldova, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Italy, France, Thailand, British Citizens, India, Turkey, Peru, Chile and Sweden.

Sutrisno said around 300 foreign nationals had applied for an extension of the emergency residence permit. The extension of the emergency residence permit is valid for one month. After that, the foreigner must return to his country.


The source: Kompas

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