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All hotels where 'Jin' stayed are free of coronavirus

The Bali Health Agency has declared "coronavirus-free" the three hotels where a Chinese tourist who reportedly tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) had stayed.

“We conducted physical and clinical examinations and found that no one is sick,” agency head Ketut Suarjaya said on Monday, as quoted by Antara News.

The Huainan Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China reported on Feb. 5 that the individual, identified only as "Jin", departed from Wuhan to Bali on Jan. 22 on Lion Air flight JT2618. Jin stayed on the island for seven days before leaving Bali on Jan. 28 on Garuda Indonesia flight GA858 to Shanghai.

Ketut said the agency had checked the three hotels in Bali where Jin had stayed from Jan. 22 to Jan. 28, but did not release the hotels' names.

“It has been 20 days since Jin left Bali, but there have not been any reports of anyone showing clinical symptoms [of COVID-19], while the incubation period is in the range of three to 14 days,” he added.

According to the World Health Organization, "Current estimates of the incubation period range from 1-12.5 days with median estimates of 5-6 days."

Ketut said the agency had also checked Jin's travel history during his stay on Bali and found that no one had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus at the places he had visited.

“If [any] tourists show symptoms, we’ll ask for information on if they have a history of travel to those areas. If [that is the case], we will immediately take them to a referral hospital,” he said.

Ketut added that hotels in Bali had been advised to put up signs urging any guests who started feeling ill, or started exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection, to seek immediate treatment at a hospital.

The agency had also readied 200,000 surgical masks, 3,000 N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment for distribution.

Indonesia has no confirmed COVID-19 cases to date. 


The source: The Jakarta Post; photo: A health official (second right) checks the temperature of a tourist arriving from Bali on Feb. 12, 2020 at Bangsal Port in Pemenang, North Lombok. (AFP/Moh El Sasaky )

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