Bali Airport Install Thermal Scanner to Prevent Coronavirus

Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, installed two thermal scanners or body temperature scanners following the outbreak of a mysterious respiratory disease that was endemic in Wuhan, China.

The installation of these thermal scanners aims to anticipate outbreaks of this disease into Bali. These two devices have been installed at gate 16 and 17 of the international arrival area.

Thermal scanner

"The thermal scanner has been activated, and all passengers from Wuhan are directed to pass gates 16 and 17 where thermal devices are installed," said Head of the Trans-Regional Health Office of the Port Health Office (KKP) Denpasar, Putu Alit Sudarma

Alit said the airport would direct tourists from China to pass the thermal scanner before leaving the terminal.
If tourists are found to have a body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, a deeper examination will be carried out whether they have contracted coronavirus - a virus that causes mysterious illnesses - or other diseases.

If after the examination is proven to be infected by coronavirus, the tourist will be submitted to Sanglah Hospital for further treatment.

In addition to the airport, tourists entering through the port must also pass the thermal scanner. However, port scanners are only used if the port receives reports of arrivals of cruise ships carrying foreign tourists.

In total there are two doctors and three nurses who stay 24 hours at Ngurah Rai Airport. While in the harbor there are 3 doctors and nurses.

This virus, which was finally identified as a coronavirus, first appeared in Wuhan, China. Coronavirus is also the reason of the emergence of respiratory disease outbreaks that attacked 41 people and killed an elderly 61 year old person in China.

The latest news, this virus has been detected to have arrived in Bangkok and Japan. Alit said it would increase supervision of a number of tourists who enter Bali.
"The main thing is we are increasing our scrutiny at airports and ports," said Alit Sudarma.


The source: Kumparan

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