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Bali Airport Starts Thermal Checking on Domestic Flights

From March 10, I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport will start checking the passengers and crew of domestic arrivals and transits with a thermal gun. 

Besides, from March 9 Ngurah Rai Airport also implements a special lane for passengers and flight crews from South Korea. On this lane, Korean passengers will be checked with a thermal scanner. "They will not intersect with other passengers as much as possible," explained the Head of Ngurah Rai Airport Authority Region IV Office, Elfi Amir.

Special dedicated facilities such as toilets, trolleys, and conveyors have also been prepared for Korean passengers. For baggage service facilities, a dedicated conveyor belt has been prepared. After being used for the service of Korean passengers, spraying of all facilities for sterilization will be carried out.

This measure is following up a circular from the Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi related to increased awareness for passengers and crew from South Korea, Iran, and Italy.

"Flight passengers from Korea who have never been to high-risk COVID-19 (Daegu, and Gyeongsangbuk-do) are allowed to enter the airport if they have health certificates. 

All non-Korean flight passengers, that traveled to the places of high COVID-19 (Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do) risk in the previous 14 days are also should be accompanied by health certificates", said Marsudi.

She further explained that for transit passengers from Korea there is no need for health certificates as long as they do not leave the airport. 

Furthermore, passengers who do not carry health certificates can still be accommodated in Bali if they can prove through the boarding pass that the aircraft did not enter the region that is in the status of increasing vigilance (Korea, Iran, and Italy).

Passengers and crew who are required to have HC will be refused to enter Indonesia if they do not show HC. "This is done to ensure that the passengers at check-in already have the HC. The others, Airlines are obliged to return passengers and crew if they do not meet the HC requirements, "he said.


The source: Bali Post

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