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Bali Arak Museum will be Built in Karangasem Mid-2020

The arak museum will be built in Bali, precisely in the village of Tri Eka Buana, Sidemen District, Karangasem, Bali. The museum with the theme of traditional Balinese alcohol is the idea of ​​the community of Tri Eka Buana Village. 

For this reason, around Rp 224 million funds used to build the museum are the village funds. 

This development was carried out in stages. The first stage will be an arak house that will showcase the process of making Balinese alcohol. The process starts from climbing coconut trees to making arak around the museum, and tourists who visit the museum will also be given a souvenir in the form of arak bottles.

The construction of the museum was motivated by several factors. First to preserve traditions of making traditional wine. 

"Arak was first discovered in Karangasem, namely in the village of Tri Eka Buana. Our ancestors were the first to make it. Many residents around Tri Eka Buana work as arak farmers. If I am not mistaken, almost 90%," admitted Derka, a native of Tri Eka Buana.

The second reason is attracting tourists to visit Tri Eka Buana Village to see firsthand the process of making arak. The village plans to attract around 50 people per month. 

After the museum or arak house is built, it is planned that the villagers of Tri Eka Buana Village will build restaurants in the museum complex. 


The source: Kompas

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