Bali coronavirus quarantine

Bali denies entry to 17 foreigners who had traveled to China

In an attempt to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Bali immigration officials have denied entry to 17 foreigners since Wednesday. The decision was made after the authorities found that the foreigners had traveled to China within the last 14 days.

The head of the Law and Human Right Ministry’s Bali office, Sutrisno, told journalists on Thursday that the 17 foreigners comprised four Brazilians, three Armenians, two Moroccans, two Chinese, a Russian, a Briton, a Ukrainian, a Ghanaian, a New Zealander and a Romanian.

“Up to 12 a.m. [Thursday], we had denied entry to 17 foreigners that had traveled to China within the past 14 days,” Sutrisno said.

The policy, he went on to say, was based on the travel ban to and from mainland China imposed by the government since Wednesday. 

Therefore, immigration at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is investigating travel details while checking passengers' passports.

“Once we find that they have traveled to China [within the 14 days], we deny them admittance,” he said, adding that the airlines were obliged to fly them back to their initial point of departure.

As a result of the ban, at least 5,000 Chinese tourists are likely to be stranded in Bali. They, however, are reportedly willing to stay longer in Bali amid coronavirus fears back home.


The source: The Jakarta Post

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