Hari Penampahan Galungan

Bali Hindu Celebrate Hari Penampahan Galungan

Penampahan or Penampan words come from "Nampa" which means 'Welcoming'. On this day the Balinese will be preoccupied with finishing penjor bamboo poles as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty for all the gifts received so far. This penjors are made of curved bamboo poles decorated with ornaments.

In addition to making penjors Balinese also slaughter pigs whose meat will be used during the ceremony of Galungan. The slaughtering of pigs also has a symbolic meaning of killing all the animal lust that exists in humans.

Balinese also believe that on the day of Penampahan, the ancestors will come to the relatives in the real world. That's why people also make special treats consisting of rice, side dishes, snacks, fruits, coffee, water, lekesan (betel leaves and areca nut) or cigarettes which will "stop" the ancestors in their respective homes.

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