Siwa Ratri

Balinese Celebrate Hari Siwa Ratri on January 23

Siwaratri is a holy day used for worshiping Sang Hyang Widhi in his manifestation as Lord Shiva. 

Siwaratri - consists of 2 words, namely Shiva and Ratri. Shiva in Sanskrit means kind, forgiving, giving hope and happiness and also Shiva can be interpreted as a title or honorary name for one of the manifestations of God who is named or honored by Lord Shiva, in his function as a leader to achieve holiness or awareness the self who gives hope for happiness.

Whereas Ratri means night, which can also be interpreted as darkness. So Siwaratri can be interpreted as the night of the observer or the fusion of darkness within oneself and heart to go to a brighter path.

Siwaratri is a night of contemplation of sin with the aim of achieving self-awareness. 

In the night of contemplation, people conduct an evaluation or introspection of their actions so far. On the eve of this Shiva worship people ask to be given guidance so that they can get out of sin.

Activities carried out on Siwaratri Day:

A prayer meeting is expected to be completed at 6:00 in the morning.

Mejagra or not sleeping for the night. It starts from morning 6.00 till 18.00 the next day for 36 hours.

Upawasa or not eating and not drinking. This fast is carried out for 24 hours from 06.00 till 06.00 the next day. 

Monabrata or keeping quiet and not talking. The implementation is carried out for 12 hours precisely from 06.00 till 18.00. 

In Hinduism there are always levels of Nista, Madya and Utama that can be chosen according to person's ability. 

Highest level Utama, implementing: Monabrata, Mejagra, Upawasa 
Middle level Madya, implementing: Mejagra, Upawasa 
Nista level, implementing: Mejagra

In carrying out Siwaratri activities, it is ended by praying and asking Sang Hyang Shiva to give blessings and forgiveness, to help someone to become a pure and perfect human, to show a clear path to avoid sinful acts. 

Day of Siwaratri is not the day of penance but the reflection of sin that we have done so far. The Karmaphala law will still apply, but it is believed that by carrying out Siwaratri we will be able to control ourselves so that we can avoid sinful acts.

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