Batur Geopark Will be Re-Validated by Unesco

The awarding of the tourist destination as a Geopark with the title of Geopark was done in 2016. Geopark validation is carried out every four years. This year 2020 in June-July it will be revalidated again and Batur Tourism Management Agency (BUGG) is now finalizing preparations by making improvements according to the notes and recommendations given by Unesco during the first revalidation.

Of the 11 recommendations made by Unesco before, around 70 percent had been followed up. 

One recommendation that has yet to be followed up is to create a diversity of geopark products on offer such as developing a lake route by boat. At present, there are only lake routes from Kedisan to Terunyan. On the other hand, the condition of Kedisan Pier is still concerning. The ferry pier was damaged and submerged in lake water.

"Currently we are still in the process of making improvements to the Lake Batur geosite route. Like a boat, which in the future is expected to use electricity, so it does not cause pollution or pollution around the lake, " added the secretary of the UNESCO Global Geopark Batur Tourism Management Agency (BPP-BUGG), Dewa Setya Darma.

In February the managers of the Geopark agency planned to add 4 new retribution collection posts to the existing 4 posts. This was done as an effort to increase revenues.

The posts will be installed on the small roads which are allegedly used by many guides to enter Kintamani without tickets. The four additional posts will be established in Alengkong, Songan Village, in Penulisan and one point in the area behind the hill of Terunyan Village.

Head of Planning and Development Division of BUGG - Nengah Suratnata is expecting to gather additional Rp 6 billion due to collecting the payments in 4 new posts. "We will do the addition of the four collection posts in 2021,"  said Suratnata.

In line with the plan to add four collection posts, the agency also will increase the number of collection officers. Suratnata estimates that an additional 80-100 people are needed.

To prevent the mischievous behavior of the collection officers, the Tourism Management Agency of the BUGG has also increased the welfare of the collection officers by raising their salaries from the previous Rp 1.3 million per month to Rp 3 million per month.

The source: Bali Post, Tribun Bali, Nusa Bali

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