Hanna Lyakhava

Belarusian gets 8-month prison sentence for drugs possession

A Belarusian national, 25-year-old Hanna Liakhava, was sentenced to 8 months in prison yesterday after she was found guilty of bringing 0.1 gram of weed from Spain to Bali. 
Liakhava, who works as a photographer and reportedly came to Bali on an assignment, was charged with violating Indonesia’s notoriously harsh drug laws. 

Both Liakhava and the prosecution said they accepted the verdict, which was four months less than the one-year sentence demanded by the public prosecutor. 

Liakhava reportedly couldn’t hold back her tears after she walked out of the courtroom.

Liakhava was arrested on October 14 at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. Immigration officials said her anxious behavior while filling out a customs declaration form aroused their suspicion. 

Customs officers directed Liakhava to an examination room where they discovered a small bag of leaves, allegedly marijuana, stored in two small plastic tubes.

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