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BetelNut Bali


Betelnut is a gathering place in the center of Ubud, Bali—with casual Asian cuisine, bar and lounge areas, and an intimate performance space for staging everything from films to music, dance, and discussions.

The venue
This large, flexible venue—once slated to be a fast-food outlet—occupies a plant-filled covered courtyard with big wooden communal tables, and a two-story indoor space with two bars, communal dining tables, sofa table seating, and a well-equipped performance space with stage.

The indoor space can be temperature controlled or opened to the tropical air, which is cool in months of June to August. The décor is contemporary Balinese design using natural materials such as woven bamboo, coconut, tree roots and recycled woods. Vintage photographs portray Balinese ritual and sacred dance and drama. The ceilings are draped with ritually significant local textiles.

Betelnut mixes the casual feel of a traditional Balinese warung (coffee stall) with the sophistication of a fine-dining culture, and at accessible prices. The cuisine is contemporary Asian noodles and satay with organic salads and original homemade desserts. Betelnut offers a good selection of imported wines, spirits, and cigars.

The vision
The founders of Betelut believe that Ubud is moving into a new era of creativity, propelled by the ease with which young Balinese are using digital technology. This is unleashing new work in contemporary and traditional performances of all sorts. “We want to witness the next stage of creativity and share it with the community.”

This vision is based on Ubud’s particular history. Balinese culture arose over millennia from a dynamic mix of Chinese, Indian, and ancient local cultures. Since the 1920s, Ubud has attracted foreign artists and scholars who, with the support of the Ubud ruling families, have engaged with traditional painting, sculpture, music, and dance, often making important contributions to understanding and diffusing these arts. Ubud has thus become known as a center not only of traditional culture but also of international encounter.

Since its opening in 2011, Betelnut has hosted film screenings, concerts, book launches, lectures, and workshops—and the invitation is open for much more in the future.

What is betel nut, anyway?

‘Betel nut’ refers to the quid of leaf-wrapped areca nut. It is a mild natural stimulant found in tropical cultures around Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. Chewing a betel quid relieves hunger, thirst, fatigue, and ennui. Betel nut is traditionally offered to honored guests a gesture of hospitality.

The betel quid is composed of the nut of the areca palm (Areca catchu) wrapped in the peppery sirih leaf (Piper betle) with a bit of slaked lime (the powdered sort) and a few grains of gambir (processed leaf of the Uncaria gambir plant).

In Bali the betel quid (referred to as sirih) is offered not only to guests but also to the gods. It is an essential ingredient in offerings, where it is adorned with origami-like figures of freshly cut palm leaves, symbolizing purity of thought.

betelNut located in front of museum puri lukisan on jalan raya ubud. Phone +62361971426. betelnut@dekco.com. www.dekco.com/betelnut.


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Business Info
  • Ubud Main St., Ubud, Gianyar
  • +62 361 971 426
  • http://www.dekco.com/betelnut
Business Hours

Mon - Sun: 10.00 am - 11.30 pm

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