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Blue Bear Bali


How many times did you find yourself sitting on a bench of a playground for hours with nothing to do other then watch your little ones play? How many times have you had to decline an invitation for coffee or dinner with friends because the venue is not kids-friendly? This story always has a similar ending…the majority of parents will either sit on that bench checking their phone for hours ... or if mum and dad are willing enough to accept the social invitation, many times the kids will be bored and spend all their dining time with a phone. It’s a vicious cycle that we hope to change.

In Blue Bear, we set aside the past and envision the future. We dream of providing a place where number of families who come to Bali can enjoy the time without overpriced, obnoxious activities to endure. Believing that having regular contact with Mother Earth multiplies the quality of life especially for children, Blue Bear enhances what nature in Bali has to offer. Through skateboarding, kids can have fun amidst the lush greeneries and calming ambience of Ubud while stimulating their physical motor skills by skateboarding. And like no other, Blue Bear envisions to preserve and grow Indonesian culture by promoting green skate movement, an action Blue Bear initiates where skaters can play for free if bringing 10 items of waste for 2-hour free pass.

The ultimate mission of Blue Bear is not only to remind kids of how “cool” skating if but also to deliver how beautiful the culture in Bali, exploring Balinese traditions, local flavors and arts. A one-stop adventure where they can leave the digital life for a moment and get into intriguing educational programs in a super fun way. Our safe and secure skatepark is hand-in-hand with a play-area to embrace authentic experiences including bamboo crafting, recycling, and gardening.

Blue Bear strengthens the philosophy in the use of arts as seen on installing bamboos for the establishment. History of bamboo itself has intrigued us to showcase its role in architecture. Not only the strength of the material but also the renewable prospects of bamboo. As an alternative of wood, species of bamboos are easy to grow and able to take over as much room as they possibly can.

While the kids are having a good time, creating the moments, Blue Bear also houses certain ambience for parents to engage, socializing with new interesting people around the corner. Inside the bamboo-built hub where they can drink beers and coconut, they will excite their minds seeing the kids are trained by professional local athletes or the performance by talented musicians at the stage area.

The future here in Blue Bear is about how we can foresee a better future for the kids, the young generation, families, and environment. To encourage parents and kids in the contribution of creating a safe cocoon to step on and to give back to the local community. By all means, Blue Bear wishes to take part in the community to bring significant message with us and spread it to a larger community.


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