Ryan Roth

Brit who left ‘suicide note’ on the cliff may have faked his death

A British businessman who mysteriously vanished from a cliff in Pecatu may have staged his own suicide to avoid a string of fraud charges, according to police. 

Ryan Roth’s abandoned motorbike was found next to a bottle of alcohol, bag and note to his former lover at a cliff top in Pecatu Village, Bali, on Monday morning. The note said: "I’m sorry Alice. I’m the man you fell in love with but past things I never did maybe you feel I was a stranger. I’ll always love you. None of this is your fault. Your oldman xx." 

However, a body is yet to be recovered despite extensive searches of the area.

Alice, understood to be from Hong Kong, has spoken to police and said there had been no problems with him recently.

Officials on the island are now exploring the possibility that Ryan, 39, from Southampton, could still be alive. Head of the search team Hari Adi Purnomo said: ‘We haven’t confirmed whether he fell, suicide, or leave the location safe.’ 

It has since emerged that police in New South Wales, Australia, wanted to speak to Ryan over allegations of fraud dating back to 2008. A website claiming to uncover scams accuses him of swindling people out of money in several countries including the UK, US, Australia and France. 

According to some information he had outstanding rental payments in Sydney and ‘conned his girlfriend at the time of thousands of dollars, leaving her homeless’. 

There were also allegations he scammed people ‘under the distasteful disguise of a child sex trafficking charity’, according to Australian news outlets. Victims posting on the website claimed he used the alias Ryan Flyyn and was known for ‘conning people, especially women, for his personal gain’. Bali police are appealing for people who know Ryan to come forward.


The source: Metro UK

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