Bulgarian skimmers

A Bulgarian Citizen Controlling Skimming in Bali Wanted by Police

The Bali Police is searching for a Bulgarian citizen (WN) allegedly named George who is suspected of controlling skimming in several ATMs in Bali. His role was revealed after two of his accomplices were arrested by police.

The two arrested were Teodor Stefanov Petrov (33) and Kamen Sevdalinov Elenkov (32). Both were arrested while breaking into an ATM on Jalan Sunset Road, Kuta, Seminyak on February 10, 2020.

Both of them turned out to only act as 'pickers'. Both perpetrators claimed to carry out the orders from another Bulgarian citizen called George and receive a share of 20 percent of the money withdrawn from the victim's account.

"Someone named George allegedly served as a multiplier of bank customer data and prepared the white cards," said the Head of Criminal Investigation Directorate of Bali Police AKBP Ranefli Dian Chandra in Denpasar.

The name of George has been included in the People's Search List (DPO). George's whereabouts are unknown. Police have a strong suspicion he is not in Indonesia at the moment. Two of the arrested perpetrators were entering Indonesia and leaving several times before being finally arrested.

During the last two weeks in Bali, both have used 30 white cards in action at 10 different ATMs in several locations that are often visited by tourists in Bali.


The source: iNews

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