A climber died on Batur mountain

A Climber Dead After Falling on Gunung Batur

A climber from Gianyar, Ida Bagus Andyka Eka Arcana Manuaba (23) died after falling while climbing Mount Batur, Kintamani, on Sunday (8/3).

It is suspected that the victim fell into a ravine 40 meters deep due to fatigue and lack of caution. The unfortunate event occurred at around 4:00 a.m.

Initially, the victim along with eight of his friends on a motorcycle went to Mount Batur Kintamani from Gianyar. Upon arrival at Pura Jati around 2:00 pm, the victim along with her friends made the climb and reached the top of the mountain two hours later.

After arriving at the summit, the victim and his friends decided to spread a mat to rest on the edge of a cliff. Suddenly the victim slipped and then fell into a ravine.

The victims' friends were assisted by other climbers, BKSDA and Forestry officers as well as the community who tried to help and evacuate the victim.

The specialists of Kitamani I Public Health Center staff found out that the victim suffered a broken injury of the neck. Also, the experts found a tear wound on the left cheek, blister on the left forehead, bleeding from the nose. Blisters were also found on the victim's back and buttocks.

There were no signs of violence on the victim's body. "The victim is suspected to have died at the crime scene. Because when taken to the Kintamani Community Health Center, the victim was declared dead, "said the Head of Public Relations of the Bangli District Police AKP Sulhadi. The next victim's body was taken to Bangli General Hospital.


The source: Bali Post

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