Handling patients exposed to the corona virus

The contacts of the Japanese with COVID-19 were checked

The Bali Provincial Government confirmed a 68-year-old Japanese man who was positively infected by the coronavirus after a vacation in Bali was not infected with the virus from Bali.

Head of the Bali Provincial Health Service, Ketut Suarjaya, said the government had traced the Japanese man's trail during the three days (15-18 February) while he was staying in Bali.

The man stayed in one of the hotels in the Kuta area. The man returned to Japan on February 19th. On February 23rd he has got the information about the positive coronavirus test result.

"As long as he was in Bali, he was not healthy. He was often in the car" explained Suarjaya.

Bali Provincial Government traced everyone who has made direct contact with Japanese men.

There are seven hotel employees in the room boy section, front office, and restaurant. Also, there are drivers and three Ngurah Rai Airport KKP health workers. So 12 people made direct contact with the Japanese. According to Suarjaya, his party has checked and examined these 12 people and found out that they are healthy.

"We will continue to monitor the samples until March 4. It's been ten days now. Meanwhile, 12 people who have direct contact with that man don't feel pain", - added Suarjaya.

The room of the tourist, adjacent rooms and the car he used for the rides were sterilized.

Suarjaya strongly suspected that the tourist has got the virus in Japan. Because, while he was staying in Bali his condition was not healthy.


The source: Jawa Pos; photo: The simulation of handling patients exposed to the corona virus at Sanglah Hospital (dok.radarbali)

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