Man Beaten to Death

A Crowd In Legian Has Beaten a Man to Death for a Helmet

The vigilante action by local residents took place in Legian in front of the monument Ground Zero on Friday (1/24/2020). As a result of the brutal action, a young man who was previously accused of stealing a helmet was beaten to death by residents.

The reason for the detention and subsequent beating of the victim was an unproven charge of a possible attempt to steal a helmet. It is still unknown whether this attempt took place.

According to police officer of Kuta Iptu Ika Prabawa, based on the testimony of several witnesses at the scene, the possibility of the poor man was wrong to take the helmet. "The thing is the helmets were suspected to be the exact same and only have different colors," added Iptu Ika.

So the victim was thought to be a thief, then the residents started abusing him in crowd. 

The man who became a victim of this persecution fell in a coma due to this persecution and was taken to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar where he died later.

From the video being published in social media it is possible to see that one of the attackers hit a victim lying on the floor with his feet shod in boots on the head. Just after such a blow, the victim lost consciousness.

In response to the case, the police is going investigate the beating case. There have been legal steps taken by the victims' families because they did not accept the brutal actions of some of the residents that attacked a man.


The source: Kompas, photo: screenshots from the video of beating

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