Denmark citizen stayed in a tent on the beach

Denmark Citizen Handed to Immigration Office for Camping Near the Cemetary

A Tourist from Denmark with the initials JJYC (30) had to deal with the Immigration Class I Special Immigration Office Ngurah Rai, after being handed over by the Badung Regency Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) on Friday (7/2). 

Officers have to crack down on Jan Jonas Yakari Colom because he has set up camping tents for two days near the German Coast cemetery. 

Head of the Badung Satpol PP, I Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara, revealed that Jan Jonas Yakari Colom did not disturb the community. But if the act of setting up a tent and sleeping in that location is left alone, it will be followed by others. Because that location is a public area.

"If left unchecked it will cause others to join camping there. We are worried that anything could happen. Bali is known as the destination where not pleasant events can happen. There was a theft accident yesterday next to the cemetery, there was an alang-alang fire incident. Some items can be unsafe or lost. That is certainly the thing that we do not want others to join in. Are they foreign citizens or local citizens, "explained Suryanegara.

According to Suryanegara, Jan Jonas Yakari Colom was known to have been in Bali for 12 days and often moved around. Like visiting Ubud in the Gianyar Regency, until finally staying at the German Coast.

"JJYC was staying in the German Coast there for two days. The place is near the cemetery. So people rarely approach the cemetery. But someone reported to the coast guard, are they report to us, " said Suryanegara.

JJYC was detained on Friday (7/2) at 09.00. He was still sleeping in the morning.

"He thought it was normal. That means free to stay anywhere. Sleep anywhere. We explained that this beach is not for staying overnight”, - explained Suryanegara.

Meanwhile, Head of Information Section for the Immigration Class I Special TPI Ngurah Rai Office, Putu Suhendra, has conducted a follow-up examination of Jan Jonas Yakari Colom. From the results of the inspection, JJYC was found to have entered Indonesia on January 26, 2020, and since then he was setting up his tent there.

"He entered Bali via I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport using a visa-free visit. The reason for his actions is that he is adventurous and thinks that Balinese people are open and there was no one prohibiting camping there, "Suhendra explained.

The purpose of coming to the Island of the Gods, from his statement was to find his wife, but until now he has not found her. 

Meanwhile he used to surf on Kuta Beach and a number of other tourist destinations in South Badung. 

"He claimed to like camping and traveling to a number of countries with a tent. Before Bali he has been to Thailand and Australia," said Suryanegara.

The tourist actually planned to leave Bali within a few more days and head to Taiwan. However, due to the development of the Corona virus, the plan was canceled and he continued to sleep in a tent on the German Coast.

Although it did not create a commotion, the actions of tourist were considered disturbing by local residents and also the owners of tourism accommodations, so it was reported to the police.

Currently an in-depth examination of the tourist's information is still being carried out.

"Right now we are still researching his statement. We are still waiting for the results of the examination. Will he be deported later or not? We are still waiting for the examination to be finished," said Suryanegara.


The source: IDN Times, Nusa Bali

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