Distraught Foreigner

A Distraught Foreigner Taken to the Mental Hospital

A foreign tourist from Germany, Oke Paulsen, 52, suddenly went on a rampage at a mini-market in the Banjar Pangosekan region, Ubud, Sunday (1/3) afternoon at 16.00.

This 52-year-old German Caucasian was also wrapped up in a group of residents, then handed over to the police with bound hands and feet.

Before raging, Oke Paulsen initially took a large bottle of beer in the mini-market. However, the Caucasian from Germany did not want to pay. Strangely, this German foreigner did not leave immediately.

This incident was later reported by the mini market employee to the Assistant Manager, Agus Sudita. Upon receiving the report, Agus Sudita came to the location while inviting the German foreigner to talk. He hoped that the Caucasian would leave the mini-market after finishing a bottle of beer.

"I am fine if the beer is not paid. The plan was that our employees would jointly pay for the beer," Agus said.

After the beer ran out, the German tried again to enter the mini-market. Because the door has been locked by employees from inside, the German Caucasian immediately went berserk while breaking the glass of the mini-market in front of the gas station.

Mini market employees also shouted for help, so residents around came to the location and tied the hands and feet of Paulsen.

The German who had been bound by the residents was handed over by the police to the Sat Pol PP Gianyar to be taken to the Bali Provincial Mental Hospital for psychiatric examination.

According to Made Watha, Head of Pol PP Gianyar, the German started rampaging because of stress caused by running out of money.

Meanwhile, from the statement of a gas station employee Hendra, working not far from the mini-market in Banjar Pengosekan, the German came riding a DK 2970 FAB numbered motorcycle. 

The motor was wrapped in a net. Likewise, the helmet he wore was wrapped in a net. "This rogue foreigner can speak Indonesian. We don't know his name, but he calls himself Mr. Spider, "explained Hendra.

According to the other information, the German known as Oke Paulsen previously had trouble in the same place on Saturday (29/2) night. At that time, the German was hanging out with several young people at the mini-market in the Banjar Pengosekan area. "During a drink that night, the foreigner had an argument with a group of youth, but finally left the location without a physical collision," said a witness.


The source: Nusa Bali

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