Bali coronavirus masks

Don't Over-Wear a Mask

"There are too many healthy people that wear masks everywhere. The main function of the mask is to protect people from germ infections," said Head of the Bali Provincial Health Service, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya in Denpasar, on Wednesday (26/2).

Suarjaya received many reports of scarcity of masks or depleted stock of masks in a number of pharmacies in Denpasar City because they were hunted by the community. 

"If there are no sick people in the office and at work, there is no need to wear masks. Even if there are sick people, the sick ones wear masks. Especially when you go to the mall, you don't need to wear masks either. "he explained.

Masks, he added, are needed when visiting sick people in hospitals infected with infectious diseases. 

"However, if we visit patients who have diabetes, a mask is also not needed. Especially if you only go to the lobby or the policlinic," he explained.

Suarjaya said the mask should be used on time and in the right place. 

"So, don't be busy wearing masks everywhere, because the impression is actually causing concern. Even though so far in Bali it is still safe and there are no COVID-19 cases," he added.

On the other hand, Suarjaya reminded the pharmacy owners not to look for opportunities with the high demand for masks from the community. 

"Do not keep the masks deliberately stored, and then  sell them at an unnatural price. If there is something like that, of course we will apply sanctions," he explained.

As for the supply of masks in health facilities, Suarjaya said the amount was sufficient. In addition, the Department of Health also has a stock of 300,000 masks which will be distributed if it is in an emergency condition. 

"For the time being, of course we are not sharing it because the conditions are still safe. Hopefully Bali can avoid the COVID-19 virus," he concluded.


The source: Nusa Bali; photo: Chinese visitors extend their visas to remain in Bali after flights to and from the holiday island were cancelled © AP

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