Music group Navicula that is planning to play during Bali Revival Festival

Drive-In Concert at Monkey Forest Ubud

А Festival "Bali Revival 2020 - New Era" will be held for three days, 15 August to 17 August 2020 at the Monkey Forest rooftop parking lot in Ubud.

Jos Darmawan, the head of the production company explained, that the concert will be organized in a drive-in style where the audience will watch the show by bringing a car into the performance area.

The distance between the cars is up to 2 meters. While the area of ​​the "box" for one car is 4 meters x 5 meters. When watching, the audience may get out of the car but stay in the designated box.

The ticket costs IDR 400 thousand per car, for a maximum of 4 people.

The parking lot can accept 70 cars.

Among the musicians are popular in Bali Indonesian musicians Lolot, Navicula, Di Ubud, Balawan, The Hydrant, Early Morning Dialogue, Jun Bintang, Dek Ulik, and Manja group. They will take turns performing every day from the afternoon until late evening.

"The main objective is to raise the spirit of the Balinese people, especially art actors, to remain rich and active in the context of economic recovery in Bali. With the echo of the new era of Bali, we are optimistic that we will soon rise with new habits and procedures” said the event organizer.

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