Vanessa De Vries

A Dutch Reported to Immigration for Illegal Property Business

Ngurah Rai Class I Immigration Office specifically called Vanessa De Vries, a Dutch citizen, for the Immigration violation report submitted by Sugiharto Widjaja.

As Sugiharto Widjaja explained Vanessa De Vries opened Pavilion Grill Bar on Jalan Batu Belig, 108, in 2012. Then the bar was closed, and Vanessa started running a rental business in the Canggu area

Vanessa rented a house or villa from local residents and then re-marketed them with more expensive price. Marketing was carried out by Vanessa De Vries on several online sites, such as Facebook, Air BnB, and Recently since facing a case, Vanessa De Vries has deleted many of her posts on online sites.

Sugiharto felt cheated by Vanessa De Vries because she claimed to be the owner of the villa. After the rent was paid to Vanessa, it turned out that the condition of the villa was not good and very dirty. "However, the complaints were not responded by Vanessa as the owner of the villa," Sugiharto explained.

Feeling annoyed, Sugiharto conducted an investigation into Vanessa's actions in Bali. It was revealed that the original owner of the villa had no rental relationship with Vanessa De Vries anymore. Even though Sugiharto had paid rent for 1 year.

Because he felt ignored by Vanessa over complaints filed by the tenant and was suspicious of illegal activity, Sugiharto reported to the Ngurah Rai Special Class I Immigration Office.

When Sugiharto reported about Vanessa De Vries to the immigration authorities, it occurred that Vanessa violated the Immigration Act for entering into Bali using VOA (Visa on Arrival), while she had lived & did business in Bali for more than 10 years. 

According to Sugiharto, Vanessa De Vries is also in the business with 14 other villas with alternating names. The 14 villas were traded by Vanessa De Vries to make money above Rp. 1 billion per year. The data was obtained by Sugiharto through a face-to-face investigation with the tenants. 

One of the villas Vanessa De Vries was renting out costs 250 million IDR for a 5-month rental period.


The source: Bali Express 

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