6.00 - 7.30 pm

Earth Tribe Gathering Cacao and Songs by Fire

Earth Tribe Ceremony - Cacao and Songs by the Fire with Yin Ling & Friends

Imagine a deep ceremonial space, offerings to the fire, heart-opening juicy raw organic cacao and the uplifting communal joy of devotional and original songs with influences from across the world -

Flowers, candles, cushions… - a true journey for the senses, for re-unifying to the sacred heart and sense of incredible community.

Join us around the sacred fire as we reconnect to the elements, partake in raw ceremonial cacao, tone, sing, manifest, release and pray!

*If it rains, we will move into the beautiful covered yoga shalas on the property
*Wear comfortable clothing, bring some water



Yin Ling is a shamanic sound alchemist known for her stirring vocals and deep transformative spaces she holds. Coming from a background of theatre and performance, Yin Ling blends the mystic's path and the technical training to awaken voices and hearts. Born and raised in Singapore, she hopes to share her path of freedom and embodiment to all who desire.


Swasti Eco Cottage is an eco-luxe retreat resort just 10 minutes from central Ubud with a focus on sustainability and authenticity - Half of their land is dedicated to their organic farm, featuring recycled Javanese teak accommodation, lush gardens, an incredible restaurant and a warm heart of joy. “Swasti” means healing in sanskrit and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for this gathering.

Location: Swasti Bali - Conscious Eco Village

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