Drowning victim

Finnish Tourist Drowned in a Pool

A foreign tourist was found lifeless at the bottom of a swimming pool in a villa in Jembrana on Thursday (2/27) morning.

Previously, the Finnish foreigner was known to be drunk. Now the victim's body is being kept in the State Hospital.

Based on information obtained on Thursday, a tourist, Eliel Jaakko Rudolf Walden (23) from Finland, Passport number FP2167612 was found dead in the swimming pool of Villa Khalhisa located in Banjar Yehsumbul, Yehsumbul Village, Mendoyo District, Medewi. 

Before being found dead, at around 24.00 the victim came to a walk outside the villa with a friend, who was also a foreign tourist, Samuel Kari Ilmari Tanskanen (23) from Helsinki, Finland.

The victim arrived at the villa in a drunken condition and chatted with his friend by the pool. At around 3:00 a.m., the victim's friend left the swimming pool for the kitchen to make coffee accompanied by the villa's employee. 

An hour later, he returned to the swimming pool but did not see his friend anymore.

Lights were turned off by the victim and the witness tried to search around the swimming pool with a mobile flashlight and found the victim in the swimming pool without signs of life.

The witness contacted another villa employee to pull the victim from the bottom of the pool and put it on the edge of the pool. After receiving the report the police immediately descended to the scene.
"There were no signs of violence on the victim's body. The body of the victim is still being kept in the wardroom of the State Hospital ", explained Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Jembrana Police, Yogi Paramagita.


The source: Bali Tribune


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