Here at FOLIE, we are madly in love about good food. In French, the word FOLIE means love to the brink of madness. We also believe in the pleasure of eating. There should be no guilt involved when you are enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures. After all, somebody famous once said, life is too short to eat celery stick.

FOLIE is created by a French chef who is fascinated by Asian flavours. It is a love child between two grand food cultures, not West nor East, but an attempt to discover something in between. “My style of cooking is influenced by my upbringing and kitchen experiences. I believe to be a good chef, one must be creative and obsessed with food to the brink of madness. French cuisine is my root, it is rich and flavourful. But, I have worked, live, and love all of these tasty and spicy Asian dishes. FOLIE is the result of these two obsessions,”said Chef Stephane Simond who used to cook for Michelin-starred restaurants, a globe-trotting Michelin team Formula 1, a resort in West French Indies, an award winning French restaurant in Jakarta, as well as leading the kitchen of Bali’s five-star resort.

Get ready to tuck in your napkin for our line up of degustation menu, intriguing combination of salads, tantalizing appetizers, top quality meat and seafood dishes, saucy pasta, tasty sandwiches, and decadent desserts. All that and we haven’t even tell you about our dedicated display of cakes, quiche, macaroons, and their sweet and savoury friends!

We are ready to welcome you at FOLIE. As we write this, the vivid murals of flowers and birds that splash our wall are drying out nicely, while the wooden chairs and tables are being placed carefully to ensure your comfort and privacy. The kitchen staffs are cooking up something heavenly with butter and garlic. Our pretty waiters, bartender and witty barista are saying their hellos because they are very excited to meet you soon. Even our parking man is more than ready to park your cars and bikes in the spacious designated lot in front of our restaurant.

Until then, remember to book a table with us, take care, and live your life a la Folie!


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