Jembrana Citizen Can Get 15 Years in Prison for Incest

I Ketut S, 34, had sex with his daughter who was still in Class VI elementary school, Ni Kadek E, 14, up to four times. The father pretended to check virginity of his daughter.

Jembrana Deputy Police Chief, Commissioner Supriadi Rahman, said the victim had sex four times with her father, I Ketut S, during January 2020. 

The victim felt uneasy with her father's depraved actions, and then complained to her mother, Ni LA, 35, on February 3 (3/2).

Ni LA immediately reported her husband, I Ketut S, to the Jembrana Regional Police Station. Jembrana police officers immediately arrested the suspect I Ketut S at his home, the same day.

"After being secured and interrogated, the suspect (I Ketut S) frankly admitted his actions. The suspect claimed to have intercourse with his daughter four times, "said Commissioner Supriadi Rahman during the case release at the Jembrana Police Headquarters in the State, Thursday (13/2).

The first depraved action carried out by suspect I Ketut S, January 14, 2020 afternoon at around 3:00 pm. The initial suspect followed his daughter who entered the bedroom. Seeing his daughter asleep, the suspect sat next to the victim.

The suspect asked the victim whether she was a virgin or not? Although answered that she was still a virgin, the suspect claimed not to believe, then tried to touch his daughter's genitals with his left hand and put his index finger into his daughter's genitals.

After that, the suspect accused his daughter of not being a virgin anymore, then asked who had had intercourse? The suspect was trying to corner his daughter. He stripped his daughter's underwear. The suspect had intercourse with his daughter while threatening the victim to remain silent.

The second depraved action, said Kompol Supriadi, was carried out by suspect I Ketut S three days later, namely January 17, 2020, at around 3:00 pm At that time, the suspect who knew his daughter was sleeping in her room, again forced the victim to have sex as was done before.

While the third depraved act was also carried out by the suspect in the victim's room, on January 21, 2020, at around 2:00 pm At that time, the victim was attacked when he just got home from school. Finally, the suspect made the fourth time he raped his daughter on Saturday, January 25, 2020, at around 11:00 local time. At that time, the victim was asleep with her sister who is the fourth child of the suspect. The victim was raped next to her sleeping sister.

For his actions, the suspect I Ketut S was charged with Article 81 paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 of Law Number 17 Year 2016 related to the Protection of Children Jo Article 64 of the Criminal Code, with a criminal threat of at least 5 years and a maximum of 15 years in prison.

The suspect claimed to be tempted to have sex with his daughter because his daughter was no longer a virgin.

"Because I knew my child was not a virgin, so there was an intention like that," the excuse of the father of four children who was presented when the case was released at the Jembrana Mapolres, this Thursday.

However, the suspect's statement that said his daughter was not a virgin was immediately denied by Commissioner Supriadi. According to Commissioner Supriadi, the suspect's statement was only an alibi. 

The actions of a suspect are illegal. Moreover, the victim had sex with his own child. "That's just an excuse. He (the suspect) also said he had dark eyes (unconscious), but he clearly did it with a conscious condition, " said Commissioner Supriadi.


The source: Nusa Bali

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