Money Changing Fraudsters

A Money Changer in Ubud Sealed by Bali Police for Fraud

Gianyar Regional Police secured two money changer employees I Komang Darmawan (23) and I Komang Udik Aryawan (20) who committed fraud against a tourist from Argentina in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. The perpetrators were secured after the victim's reports.

Both perpetrators deceived the victim when the victim exchanged money amounting to 800 US Dollars, on Saturday (02/22/2020). But the amount of money the victims exchanged did not match what was agreed from the beginning.

"The victim and perpetrator exchanged an agreed sum of 800 US Dollars with the rate Rp 13,725 per dollar. But the victim did not count the amount just right after the exchange. Upon arrival at the hotel the victim counted the amount of money exchanged earlier which should have amounted to Rp 10,980.000, but the money received by the victim was only Rp8,080,000, " explained the Head of the Public Relations of Gianyar Iptu I Ketut Suarnata.

The police confiscated the evidence in the amount of Rp2.9 million. In addition, the police also sealed the unlicensed money changer.


The source: Detik

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