Dengue mosquito

Nearly 400 People in Buleleng have Dengue

Based on data obtained from the period of January 1 to February 3, 2020, at the Health Office of Buleleng, 382 positive DB victims were spread across nine sub-districts in Buleleng. Certainly, no one of these patients have died.

Banjar District there are as many as 57 people infected, Buleleng District 60 people, Busungbiu District 32 people, Gerokgak District 12 people. Kubutambahan 16 people, Sawan 9 people, Seririt 52 people, Sukasada 40 people, and the highest was in Tejakula District, with a total of 97 people.

Head of Disease Prevention and Control Office of Buleleng Health Service, dr. Gede Suaryawan confirmed Thursday (02/13/2020) said the data on the number of positive DB patients was obtained from the health center report, as well as private hospitals and government hospitals.

Tejakula Subdistrict, especially in Les Village, is an endemic area of ​​this disease caused by Aedes Aygepti mosquitoes. That was caused because in Les Village it was difficult to get clean water, so many residents built water storage tanks. This water reservoir that is not closed and rarely drained is one of the causes of the breeding of the Aedes Aygepti mosquito.


The source: Tribun Bali

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