443 reactive Covid-19 test results for in one village

01 May 20

The COVID-19 task force conducted mass testing of residents of a village in Bali. Of the 1210 samples examined by rapid testing (rapid-test), a reactive result was detected in 443 residents.

Armed robbery in a minimart

30 Apr 20

An armed robbery occurred in a chain store on Sunset Road, on the evening of April 29 at 19.25.

Indonesia's latest official COVID-19 figures

30 Apr 20

The Health Ministry announced 347 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Thursday, bringing the total number of infections nationwide to 10,118.

A review of how the nation is battling COVID-19

25 Mar 20The COVID-19 situation is already bad in Indonesia, which now has the highest death toll in Southeast Asia just a few weeks after declaring itself “virus-free”. As of Wednesday, Indonesia had reported 686 cases with 55 deaths.  The crisis is likely going to get worse. Experts predict that more than 70,000 Indonesians will have been infected by the disease as of Ramadan and Idul Fitri, during which millions of the country’s Muslims typically travel to their hometowns.  That number, according to one scientist, is a “conservative” estimate.

Indonesia restricts visits from 8 countries

20 Mar 20

Restricted traffic of people in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic began to take effect as of March 20, 2020. This does not mean that the flights from these 8 countries have been closed. 

The Botanical Garden Closure

19 Mar 20

Following some tourist destinations which had already temporarily closed operations, Eka Karya Botanic Garden in Tabanan also closed on Thursday (3/19).

Earthquake in Bali

19 Mar 20

The earthquake occurred to the south from Bali on Thursday (19/3), at 1.45 am. 

Indonesia records highest death toll in Southeast Asia at 19

18 Mar 20

Indonesia's death toll from the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 jumped to 19 on Wednesday, the highest in Southeast Asia to date, as the government announced that the number of infected people h

Jetstar Asia is suspending all services

18 Mar 20

As a result of the introduction of new government restrictions across multiple jurisdictions in recent days, Jetstar Asia will suspend all services for a period of three weeks, from 23 March to 15

Indonesia's COVID-19 tally rises to 172

18 Mar 20

Health Ministry Disease Control and Prevention director general Achmad Yurianto said most of the new cases were reported in Jakarta -- where the country's first two confirmed COVID-19 cas

No Internet Leakage During Nyepi Day

17 Mar 20

The Denpasar Class II Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring Center (Balmon) was asked to overcome internet and broadcast leaks that occurred during Nyepi last year.

The Number of Tourists in March

17 Mar 20

For March 1 - 15, the number of foreigners entering Bali reached 150 thousand.