Vietnam Airlines Opens a New Route

Travel to Vietnam from Indonesia is now easier. 

China is still the biggest contributor to tourists in Bali

The number of tourists from the three countries, if the total, the percentage touched the figure of 63 percent or alm

Bali is hit by hot temperatures, apparently this is the cause

The air temperature in Bali feels much hotter these days.

Earthquake in the middle of Galungan celebrations

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.9 shook Bali and its surroundings on Wednesday, July 24 at 09.29 am (local time).

Bali Arts Festival will start on June 15

Indonesia’s longest-running art festival Bali Arts Festival will kick off on June 15, featuring the richness of Balin

Red Bull Pump Track World Championship is coming!

Applications are now open for Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Indonesia Qualifier!