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The Number of Tourists that Arrived to Bali Grew in January

I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport - Bali recorded as many as 540 thousand foreign tourists entering Bali via airways during January. With the total number of tourists of 540,230 people, there is a fairly high growth compared to the figures in January 2019.

If compared to the number of tourists in January 2019, when there were 463,285 foreign tourists arrived, the growth of foreign tourists in early 2020 is 17%.

Bali arrivals statistic

Chinese passport tourists ranked first with a total of 113,646, or 21% of the total number of foreign tourists entering Bali by air. Australia and India followed second and third in terms of the highest number of tourist contributing countries, with 105,575 tourists and 30,324 people respectively.

"As before, the top three contributing countries were China, Australia, and India. The three countries accounted for 249,545 tourists or 46% of the total tourists we served, " added General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I - I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport Herry A.Y. Sikado.

"In January we welcomed the opening of two new flight routes for international routes. The airline from Vietnam, VietJet Air, officially opened a flight route connecting Hanoi with Bali on January 26. The day before, the national airline, Citilink, connected Bali with Avalon Airport in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Surely this is a good thing, which makes Bali more connected with various major cities in the world, " added Sikado.

If we do a year-to-year comparison of the top 10 countries that contributed the most foreign tourists in the period of January 2020 to January 2019, it was recorded that by February only China experienced a decrease in the number of tourists, namely by 2%.

"Regarding the outbreak of Corona Virus or COVID-19 in the world, it is likely that this will have an impact on the number of foreign tourists arriving in Bali in the coming February period. 

One of the primary factors is the temporary closure of flight operations to and from China to an undetermined deadline. It is undeniable that so far tourists from China are almost always in the top position of the highest number of tourists we serve. This will certainly have an impact in the future. However, our priority is to continue to provide the best service to every passenger at our airport, "concluded Herry.


The source: Berita Dewata

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