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Nusa Penida Was Affected by Corona Virus

The distribution of the Corona virus, which has killed many citizens in China, turned out to have an impact on the decline of Chinese tourists visiting tourist areas in the Nusa Penida island.

The owner of Boat Caspla transportation company, I Putu Darmaya, admitted, that the situation with virus seriously affected tourist visits. 

"Many tourists, especially from China, have canceled visits to Nusa Penida. There are thousands of tourists that previously scheduled to come to our water sports objects. But now there are only 50 people that really came, "he said.

With such conditions, Darmaya claimed he was forced to cut employee work hours. Usually employees worked 25 days per month, now they can be occupied only 10 days a month.

Meanwhile, in order to keep the business working, Darmaya tries to look at other markets - Indian, Thai and local tourists. Including making inexpensive packages. 

Meanwhile, Klungkung Regency Government also prepared the facilities in case of Corona virus outbreak.

Three isolation rooms were prepared in Nusa Penida Primary Hospital and in Nusa Lembongan clinic Puskesmas II in Jungut Batu Village. 

"All object managers have also been told to anticipate the cases by preparing masks for tourists and other related parties," said the Head of the Klungkung Health Service, Dr. Ni Made Adi Swapatni.


The source Nusa Bali

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