Protest rally in Padang Bai Port in Bali

Padangbai Village Refuses The Development of the 3rd Pier

This peaceful action was aimed at rejecting the construction of the Padangbai Port Pier III and at the same time rejecting the land certification of the Padangbai Port, which was claimed to be partly owned by a customary village.

The demonstration involving hundreds of people had taken place in the morning around 10:00 am on Monday. it was marked by a 200 meters long march and then speeches of the leaders next to Padangbai Harbor offices. This action was directly coordinated by the head of Padangbai Traditional Village, I Komang Nuriada.

The peaceful protest was initiated by holding a joint prayer meeting at Pesamuan Agung Temple, the T-junction area of ​​Pura Dang Kahyangan Silayukti. After praying, the mass of traditional villages directly marched south to Padangbai Harbor, accompanied by a traditional percussion instrument. The Barong Dance attraction and the spread of banners also colored the long march.

Upon arrival at the Post II of Badangbai Harbor, the traditional leader Komang Nuriada immediately gave speeches on the podium. In his speech, Komang Nuriada conveyed the rejection of the Padangbai Traditional Village over the Padangbai Port land certificate. Because, based on the documents, the Padangbai Port land partly belongs to the Padangbai Customary Village.

"If the land certificate process has been handled by the BPN (State Land Agency) Office, we are ready to go to the BPN. We are also ready to visit the Karangasem Regent's Office and the Bali Governor's Office,"  shouted Komang Nuriada.

In addition to the issue of certificates, the Padangbai Traditional Village also rejected the plan to build Pier III of Padangbai Port. The villagers want to keep Pasir Putih Beach in Padangbai safe. According to Nuriada, currently, the White Sand Beach was eroded by abrasion after two docks have been built. "The proof, after the two docks were built, the beach abrasion started," said Nuriada.

Meanwhile, PT ASDP Indonesia Manager Ferry Padangbai, Zainal Abidin admitted that so far there had not been any socialization plan for the development of Pier III of Padangbai Port. This development plan is still under study.

According to Zainal Abidin, the plan to build Pier III Padangbai had received approval from the central government. The goal is to smooth the flow of crossings in the Lombok Strait of the Padangbai Port (Karangasem) - Lembar Harbor (West Lombok, NTB) route. Moreover, there are frequent big waves at Pier II.

Zainal Abidin asserted PT ASDP had proof of land ownership. That is why it is planned to use 1 hectare of land to build Pier III of Padangbai Port.

According to the data obtained by NusaBali earlier, the area of ​​Padangbai Port reached 27,000 square meters. However, the land use rights occupied by PT ASDP according to the document is only 17,960 square meters. Around 2013, PT ASDP Padangbai under Manager I Wayan Rusta had wanted to certify the Padangbai Port land but was refused by the Padangbai Indigenous Village.

Photo by
Nusa Bali

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