4 Balinese men killed a man for a helmet

Police Arrested the Attackers that Killed a Man at Ground Zero Bali

The police released the results of an investigation related to the death of M Lutfi (26) who allegedly stole a helmet near Bali's Ground Zero monument.

"Kuta Police together with the Denpasar Police succeeded in uncovering a criminal case. 4 perpetrators were secured," told Denpasar Police Chief Commissioner Ruddi Setiawan.

Among the arrested perpetrators were I Wayan Mahendra, I Wayan Widarta, Wayan Sudanta and I Wayan Miasa. They attacked Lutfi by stepping on the victim's head, kicking and hitting him.

From the post mortem examination, the victim is known to have died due to blunt force impact.

"From the results of the post-mortal, there was found a blood absorption in the left neck muscles. There is bleeding inside and the skull of the brain. The victim died due to blunt force. The victim has been living in Bali for a year," said Ruddi.

Police have not found evidence of the alleged theft of a helmet.

"There is not enough evidence that the victim committed a crime," added Ruddi.


The source: Detik

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