Bali fruits

The Prices for Local Fruits Rise

The increase is suspected to be caused by high demand ahead of the Galungan holiday and the impact of cancelling the fruit import from China due to the corona virus case. 

The increase of the local fruits prices is a blessing for local farmers.

One of the fruit traders in Kidul Bangli Market, Putu Pande said, the imported fruits from China had not been circulating in the market for several weeks. For example red grapes imported from China. 

"Even though red grapes are still found, the fruits are not a Chinese product, "Putu Pande explained.

As the result of absence of imported fruit, local fruits prices increased. 

Rambutans from previously Rp 12 thousand / kg increased to Rp 18 thousand / kg. Mangosteen  from Rp. 20 thousand / kg increased to Rp. 35 thousand / kg.


The source: Nusa Bali

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