Rescue team in Pecatu

A Resque Team Still Has Not Found a Foreigner That Fell From The Cliff

A foreigner allegedly fell off a cliff in Pecatu, South Kuta, Bali. SAR team was looking for the body of the victim during Monday, 20 January with no result.

Allegedly the foreigner fell at 17:30 local time, on Sunday (1/19).

At that time residents saw a gray Vario Honda Vario motorcycle unit DK 3626 QU parked on the side of the road about 20 meters from the cliff. In addition to the motorbike, there were found a light blue stripe towel, helmet, bottle of Dalmore Ceti alcoholic beverage still full, black parachute jacket, white Marlboro cigarettes, gas lighter, brown leather wallet on the edge of the cliff.

Until Monday (20/1) the goods were at that place. Residents reported about the findings to the South Kuta Sector Police.

According to the documents found on the location the victim supposedly was British citizen from Southampton, Ryan Roth (39), a Founder and CEO of Kabu & Co company based in Singapore.

After checking the identity police identified the location of the victim's stay - at Villa Mario, Pecatu. Police checked the villa, searched in his room, and found a letter to the victim's girlfriend. Based on the findings, the foreign tourist allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a cliff.

The author addresses the person Alice who's email and phone number he left with the words: "I am sorry, Alice. I am the man you fell in love with but past things I never did much you feel. I was a strange. I'll always love you. Non of this is your fault. Your oldman xx".

Although the rescue operation has not yet produced results, the SAR team plans to continue the search process on Tuesday today. The search process will be divided into two teams, on land and in sea. 

The source: Nusa Bali

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