Bali burglars

The Robbers Were Shot During Police Operation

The police team of South Denpasar Police Station (Densel) caught the robbers that recently targeted houses and boarding houses occupied by foreign citizens. After an investigation, it turns out the perpetrators were from Palembang, South Sumatra.

The perpetrators were Andri (39), Ardimansyah (39), Delly Wijaya (28), and Hartoyo (29). They were arrested in the Kuta area, Tuesday (1/28).

The police representative said the perpetrators were shot in their legs because they put up a fight and tried to escape. 

"During the robberies, the perpetrators were bringing sharp weapons that would be used if the victims resisted," said Wakapolresta Denpasar AKBP I Wayan Jiantara.
Jiantara added that there were 3 victims that reported to the Densel Police Station. Benny (30) who stayed in kos on Jalan Raya Sesetan Gang Ikan Pari, Corneliske Josephine Ruiter (55) from the Netherlands staying in Jalan Penyaringan Gang Telabah Mentari, and Joshua Jacomett (22) ) from Switzerland who stayed in kos in Griya Asri Kamar No. 1 di Jalan Penyaringan, Densel.

As a result of this thief, Benny suffered a loss of Rp 71 million, Corneliske Rp 73,050,000 and Joshua Rp 31 million. 

"The perpetrators were looking for the houses that were left by the tenants and then were breaking the door lock of the victim's house" said Jiantara.

On Tuesday (28/1) at 1:00 a.m., police officers arrested the four perpetrators in one of the houses in Jalan Benesari, Gang Arjuna, Kuta.

Related to the disclosure of this case were confiscated a number of watches, Rp. 750,000 in cash, 100 Singapore dollars, two silver necklaces, and a box to store money. In addition, two knives and various keys were seized. 

"Of course this case will continue to be developed. These perpetrators have never been arrested before. Until now, they have never injured their victims, " added Jiantara.


The source: Bali Post; phpto: Radar Bali - Jawa Pos

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