Iurii Chernov

Russian Couple Arrested For Growing Marijuana in a Rented House

Russian couple Iurii Chernov (31) and Mishel Kvara Tskheliya (27) were raided by Denpasar Police Narcotics Detective officers. Both of them planted marijuana with a hydroponic system in a rented house Jalan Jaya Sari number 23 Puri Gading, Jimbaran, South Kuta.

For two weeks the officers staked out the movements of the suspect, including his rented house, whose surroundings were not dense. The police conducted a raid around 1:15 pm on Wednesday 22 January.

The evidence was found on the crime scene in the form of six jars containing 710 grams of marijuana, 14 pots of cannabis seeds, 14 sprouts (marijuana) in a small bowl, 2 electric scales, one chimney, one press, one press, one press ultraviolet lights, filters, two fans, suction devices, temperature gauges, filters, two fans, paperboard boxes, eight flower pots, 13 small pots, 7 medium pots, two soil bags, 15 small pots, 4 plant watering devices, 17 medium pots, 45 large pots, plastic funnel, 4 earthen pots, three plastic polybags.

Kapolresta Denpasar, Senior Commissioner Ruddi Setiawan revealed, the suspect planted cannabis seeds by first sowing them in a damp cotton sheet and then kept in a non-light cup.

Dreadlocks Caucasians plant cannabis with three methods, namely using a pipe paralon, hydroponics and boxes collaborated with fertile soil media systems and composted wood powder put in pots and then irradiated with artificial ultraviolet lights. "Harvest once every three months with the results of six kilograms of cannabis and sold to foreign tourists. At the crime scene, we found 106 weeds, "said Ruddi Setiawan.

The suspect, who has been contracting for two years at a crime scene with a rental price of Rp100 million, learned to grow marijuana from the internet. Meanwhile, cannabis seeds were obtained from a person with the initial A who is also a foreign citizen and is still being hunted by the police.

"The two suspects were charged under article 111 paragraph 1 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 concerning Narcotics with a maximum sentence of imprisonment of 12 years and a fine of Rp 8 billion," said the police chief.


The source: Sido News; Foto/SINDOnews/Miftachul Chusna

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