Russian Surfer Died in a Swimming Pool

Vladimir Chausov (30), Russian citizen was found floating dead in a swimming pool in a house in Badung, Bali. Chausov, who was a surfer is suspected to have died from practicing breathing exercises in a swimming pool.

"The victim practiced breathing exercises that have been given him by surf coach, the victim has also often been warned, but the victim did not accept the warning," South Kuta Police Chief, AKP Yusak Agustinus.

Chausov's body was first discovered this morning by his friend who is also a surfer from Russia, Aleksandr Gusliakov. They stayed in a house located in Perum Akasia Park Jl Pura Masuka, South Kuta District, Badung.

Gusliakov gave rescue breathing by pressing the victim's chest. After that he asked neighbors to help call the medical team.

The homeowner claimed to be surprised when he heard the news of the death toll. The owner was still communicating with Chausov on Tuesday (21/1) night.

Chausov's body was then held temporarily at Sanglah Hospital. The police found no signs of violence in the victim's body.

"The victim's body was found with no signs of mistreatment and the victim is a sportsman who does not often drink excessive alcohol," explained AKB Yusak.


The source: Detik; illustration: Gettyimages

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