Rescue team, Nusa Penida

Russian Tourist Could be Pulled away by a Big Fish

The combined SAR team has not yet found Russian tourist Aleksandr Che (39) who was lost during spearfishing in the Batu Abah waters, Nusa Penida, Bali, Monday (2/24/2020). 

"Not yet, until now has not been found," said Head of the Klungkung Police Public Relations Subdivision AKP Putu Gede Ardana on Thursday (2/27/2020).

Based on witnesses' testimony, the police suspect that the Russian citizen was lost because of being dragged by a large fish while spearfishing.

On Monday morning, at around 9.30 am, a witness Made Suka and the victim went to sea on a boat.

Both of them arrived at the spearfishing location at around 11:00 WITA. The victim then descended into the water, while the witness watched from the boat. About 45 minutes later, Made Suka saw the victim disappear from the surface. "The witness estimates that the victim was pulled by a large fish into the sea," Ardana said.

At the time of the incident, Made was trying to find the victim on the location, for approximately 2 hours. However, search efforts did not produce results. And the case was then reported to the police and rescue specialists.


The source: Kompas

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