Natalia Muchova

A Search for a Foreigner Protesting about Bali Rules

A European tourist supposedly of Slovak origin Natalia Muchova stopped by one of the temples during her trip to Bali.

She made a protest video about women who were barred from entering the temple area during their menstruation or breastfeeding and uploaded it to her social media profile. 

The video made the netizens and especially Balinese furious. 

The Acting Head of the Bali Tourism Agency, Putu Astawa said that this behavior is not in line with Balinese cultural tourism. Also, he explained this disrespectful behavior by the development of independent tourism.

"The development of the digital age makes tourists can travel alone. If there is a guide certainly will not happen," said Putu.

"I have drafted a local regulation concerning cases like this. Later tourists will be obliged and must follow local norms. Sanctions will be given such as, deportation, customary law, paying ceremonial fees and others. Many customary rules can make them deterrent. "added Putu.

He also addressed the appeal to the public with a request to find the Slovac foreigner.

"We ask all of your friends to help to trace the existence of this tourist in Bali. She must respect our local wisdom," concluded Putu.


The source: Detik 

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