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Bali's Go To Beauty, Hair Styling, Salon,  Spa, and Gent’s BarbershopDreams do come true, with a lot of hard work

When I moved to Bali, I never did so with the intention of starting a business. Bali to us was about lovely people, beautiful getaways, and an endless stream of friends and family visiting us in our newfound home. 

But, after living an incredible life abroad and experiencing many salons and spas in other countries, I began to seek out similar levels of quality here in Bali but could not find one that could professionally serve all my needs under one roof, and this is how The Shampoo Lounge came about. Back in 2012, the concept of combining a salon and spa was not the trend that it is today and certainly not putting a Salon, Spa AND Barbershop under one roof but that is exactly what we set out to do. 

We’ve been blessed with finding and hiring incredible talent from the onset. People are our foundation and their skills, extraordinary effort, and smiles have made this dream a reality. Most of our original team members are still with us and as we grew, we hired many more and many of their extended families so it’s safe to say, we’re one big happy village and all in this together. We’re most definitely proudly Indonesian owned and challenge ourselves daily to exceed international levels of excellence while still being a great value for both our domestic and international clients

Bali is truly an entrepreneur’s paradise and in so many cases more so a female entrepreneur’s paradise. It’s most definitely not for everyone but for those with an incredibly high tolerance for ambiguity, it’s a great place to set up shop and express yourself. In my case, I envisioned a salon reminiscent of the classic salons, where ladies went for an entire day and were attended to professionally and pampered properly, with a drink in their hand to bring it all together nicely. Bali Barber grew out of this dream and became a very sought out part of our business as we were the first to offer classic western style barbering which was passionately received by the many male professionals working on the island and eventually became a bucket list visit for countless tourists desiring to experience a proper hot towel shave and other services that simply aren’t offered back home during a barber visit.

We were married in Bali in 1999 and island weddings are always special to us. We are experiencing demand for our delivered wedding service unlike anything we could have envisioned. We love being part of so many weddings and know how stressful they can be so we take our work seriously to make sure the bridesmaids and groomsmen look perfect at the altar. We never thought that we would be involved in so many weddings, at times it’s daunting but it’s rewarding 

We’ve matured a lot. We now have our newest location in lovely Nusa Dua, surrounded by some of Bali’s most incredible resorts and clients from all parts of the world and we’re considering a third location in early 2018. We’re always excited to collaborate with other businesses in Bali and the “white label” side of our business continues to grow as we provide hotels and clinics, professional salon and spa services behind the scenes and invisibly integrated into their business styles. We’re excited about this aspect of our business and always open to collaborating with people and businesses that inspire us.

For our clients that gave us feedback during the last five years, thank you. The positive invigorated us and the not so positive helped us to grow and improve. We’re quite proud of what we’ve accomplished, the things we’ve learned, and the way we operate. It’s so nice to take a moment to think about that now and how blessed we are to be part of such a thriving community in Bali.


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