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There is a Time for Bali to Live Without Tourism

A serious Bali newspaper posted an article with a very interesting approach towards tourism in Bali. Providing the translation of it.

"Bali is very dependent on tourism. Almost certainly there will be pressure for the Balinese economy if tourism weakens.

Now due to the Corona Covid-19 outbreak, there is pressure on the tourism sector. So that it is not always anxious when exposed to various issues, it's time, Bali is prepared to face the worst conditions namely Bali without tourism.

The central government has issued an anticipatory policy to deal with the economic downturn due to the Corona Covid-19 virus, especially in the tourism sector. A number of incentives are prepared ranging from discounted airline tickets to the elimination of hotel and restaurant tax (PHR)

Without the intention of dedicating anticipatory efforts to continue to excite tourism, is the time for Bali to really prepare to free from dependence on tourism. This is not a new discourse.

Every time something happens that hits tourism, there is always a discourse to look for other alternatives as an economic driver. But along with the revival of post-collapse tourism, the discourse of looking for other alternatives also drowns.

For sure tourism remains a commander in chief of Bali's economy, always in tandem with other anxieties, namely the destruction of the nature and cultural degradation. Bali has a strong history in sectors outside of tourism.

There was a time when tourism was not yet the main driver of the economy. At that time, agriculture was a reliable sector because Balinese were tough farmers.

Not only making agriculture for life but also a way of life. Agricultural culture which is now the main selling point of tourism. Based on this reality, tourism is ideally behind agriculture.

Tourism should be a by-product of agriculture. The paradigm of thinking starts behind the total. Bali must declare itself to start living without tourism. Or at least, immediately start preparing for the real steps of Bali without tourism".

Nyoman Winata/balipost; photo:

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