Treetop Boutique Hotel

Treetop Hotel as an "Off-the-Ground" Experience

The Alexis Dornier-designed Bali-based Treetop Boutique Hotel is located in a suburb of Ubud on the Indonesian island of Bali. Alexis Dornier is a local architecture studio and used this project as a means to experiment with ways to lift structures off of the ground in an effort to have a less impactful footprint on the environment in addition to lower costs and faster construction.

"Many developments here on the island use high quantities of concrete. We wanted to challenge that and create light architecture while suggesting a surreal mix of industrial impermanent structures embedded into a tropical forest," the architects said in a statement.

Each of the structures within this village framework has a different appearance and organizational structure. Some are composed of a louvered materiality, multi-leveled and circulated by a singular spiral stair case, while others, holding the same stair motif, contain only a single level that sits at the peak of the architecture.

The grounds of this Treetop Boutique Hotel appears to be more of a laboratory than a retreat, an aspect that gives the site an authentic degree of character from something more uniform and ordered. 


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