We’re here to add flavors to the lives of our guests by cooking simple and delicious combinations of locally grown whole food and plant-based cuisine.

We want to offer a simple and real experience that connects people to Bali’s magical flavors. Beyond food, we wish to bring people together.

Pierre, a french entrepreneur had the vision to create a space that connect people trough food, music and laughter while showing a new way to think the food.

ZEST is about empowering Bali through food. The menu consists mostly of locally grown plants in Bali with a focus the Balinese heritage of roots, shoots and fruits - reducing the carbon footprint of imported products used in the majority of the food industry.

Chef Simon, designed Zest’s inventive menu. He also established over a 100 acres of Food Forest in Bali that partly supplies Zest.

We do not use flour. Not even rice flour. No refined sugar. No bad oils like processed palm oil. Not meat, dairy, eggs or any animal products.

Zest is powered by plants, made for people.

Our Recipes involve Moringa from Tabanan, Soursop from Tejakula and Cassava that grow in any Balinese backyard.

We hope that this reconnection with Nature and the island will bring you Joy in our space made for eating well and sharing the view.

Oh and we love good music. Come and play.


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  • +62 823 4006 5048
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Mon - Sun: 8.00 am - 11.00 pm

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